Growing up an auctioneer's daughter was indeed invigorating. I have had the experience of doing hard physical labor setting up an auction, to then laughing with the family over a memory of their past. It was in 1979 that Dad started his business, Carlin's Auction Service, and since then I've been hooked by auctions in every way! I was blessed to have the opportunity of working with Dad throughout his career. Dad and I would be traveling down the road and he'd say, "start chanting"...and off I'd go, my first attempts at being an auctioneer.

I think it's fair to say, that I have had plenty experiences in learning many aspects of an auction as I worked along side my father. I have been the one to set up an auction, to advertise for an auction, I have been a clerk, a cashier, and a ringman for the auctions. I have helped carry off merchandise that had been sold, and now I am pleased to be able to enjoy being the auctioneer. It is my hope that in the coming years, I will be able to learn more as I continue to work the auction circuit.

I take great pride in the lessons learned from my father. I miss him dearly and when I am auctioning, I can hear his distinct voice chanting alongside me. None the less, some of those lessons my father taught me are; to treat people fairly, do your best, take the time to know the history of what you are selling, be compassionate to the seller because sometimes it is not always a welcome thing to have to sell, work hard, present items neatly and as clean as possible, keep the auction moving along, help buyers load items if possible, clean up after the auction is over and most of all have fun and enjoy the people.

I would welcome the opportunity to conduct an auction for you. The Service in Goldsberry Auction Service, is my gift to you; that is, I will do my best to conduct a clean, presentable, well advertised and fair auction on your behalf and in your best interest. Simple truth: I work for you!

Please give me a call or visit with one of my ringman, if you have any questions or just want to throw around the idea of having an auction.

Thank-you for your time in considering Goldsberry Auction Service.

Col. Barbara J. Goldsberry
2205 Main
Hays, Ks 67601

Missouri Auction School Certified Appraisers Guild of America

Col. Barbara J. Goldsberry

David Goldsberry, Co-owner and Salesman

Harold Bettis, Salesman